Brussels Food Truck Festival 2018

Practical information


  • Boulevard du Roi Albert II - Brussels (Subway Rogier)


  • FREE admission


  • Thursday 31/05 - 12.00 > 23.30
  • Friday 01/06 - 12.00 > 23.30
  • Saturday 02/06 - 12.00 > 23.30
  • Sunday 03/06 - 12.00 > 21.00


Public Transport

  • SUBWAY -
    • Yser station (180m)
    • Rogier station (200m)

    • North Station (350m)

  • VILLO -
    • saint-roch station(250m)
    • North station (350m)
    • Rogier station (200m)

Parking (toll)

  • Roi Albert II (50m) -
    • Boulevard du Roi Albert II n°9
  • CCN (200m) -
    • Rue du progrès n°80
  • WTC (400m) -
    • Boulevard du Roi Albert II n°30
      Boulevard Simon Bolivard n°3
  • Rogier (400m) -
    • Place Charles Rogier
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Food Truck Awards

A jury composed of professionals (chefs, journalists, bloggers, ...) will evaluate the exhibitors present on the Festival.
Some privileged people will also have the chance to be part of this jury (they will be selected by our partners:, Vlan, 7Dimanche, LaCapitale, Nostalgie Radio, EuroFTA,, ...)

You have the chance to participate in the Jury?

Appointment Saturday, June 2 at 11:30 at the info point for the briefing.
Only journalists and guests can participate. No place of jury participation is sold.

You are journalists and wish to participate in the jury:contact our press service.
You are a recognized chef: contact our press service.


You have won "Food & DrinkPass" via one of our partners?

Go to the "Info Point" on the festival.
If your name is on the GuestList you will receive directly your Food & DrinkPass (value 7 € per PASS) to exchange with bars or food trucks.
If your name is not on the GuestList, we can not provide you with Food & DrinkPass !!!
Please have possibly all the necessary evidence (email or mail - SMS NO)

Food&DrinkPass Business

Would you like to invite your customers or employees to the "Brussels Food Truck Festival 2018"?
Contact Us, to book Food & DrinkPass (from 500 Food & DrinkPass).


Feel free to make a maximum of photos, selfies, video and share them on social networks with the # BRUFTF18 hastag. You can also send us your photos, we will be happy to share them.          If you take visitors in pictures, do not forget to ask permission.         
By accessing the festival, you accept being photographed!          As in previous years, many amateur and professional photographers are present to cover the event.          If you do not want the photo to appear, please let the photographers know.         
Counting cameras are installed on the festival.

European European Food Truck Week

"European Food Truck Week" is an initiative of the "European Food Truck Association" to promote food trucks and encourage consumers to discover the universe and gastronomy street food.
From 01 to 10 June 2018 throughout Europe we invite consumers to discover and share food truck gastronomy. The theme of this first year is "culinary and cultural diversity". #euroftweek #diversity

Le Brussels Food Truck Festival is since 2014 the largest Food Truck Festival in Europe and the largest in the world in 2016. This 5th edition (2018) announces a return to the source, a little less food trucks (+/- 80) for the benefit of more quality and of diversity.


Controls of property and people can be done during the festival. Come light (there is no cloakroom or locker on the festival)

Are prohibited on the festival:

Bottles of glass or non-biodegradable plastic, cans, weapons, explosive, flammable or volatile substances, dangerous, sharp or blunt objects, ..., Non-potable liquids and gels of more than 100 ml, drones and lasers (without authorization from the organization), large bags, suitcases, any object that may be considered dangerous.
Also prohibited are prospecting, canvassing, distribution of flyers, any form of unauthorized advertising. by organization and bad mood, ...

Be vigilant and do not hesitate to report any unusual problems to the security services or to the Staff of the festival.


The environment is one of our concerns.
Exhibitors are invited to use only biodegradable packaging, thus facilitating the sorting of waste.
Dry toilets are installed on the festival, a team of young people ensures the cleanliness of the toilets. To help them in this task not always pleasant it will ask you a small financial participation (0,5 €).
Flyering is forbidden on the festival to limit paper waste.
All drinks from bars are served in reusable cups. The cups are sold at a price of € 1.25 (they are not bonded). This approach allows us to ensure a reasonable selling price for beverages, to support two associations (this year the European Food Truck Week initiative and a support organization for the disabled adult person), to finance our carbon footprint, thank the volunteers and the team of the festival, ... This year we will offer 5 cups to collect (while supplies last).


Exposants (inscription)


Entries for the fifth edition of the biggest food truck festival in Europe since 2014 (the world's largest in 2016) are open!           More than 100,000 visitors expected in a bucolic area in the heart of the European capital, located in the second largest business district of Belgium.           

Do you have a qualitative and different food truck, an original artisanal food stand?           Click on the button below to register. FULL!

Advertising - Partnership - Sponsoring

In order to respect the environment, flyering is forbidden on the festival. If you wish to carry out a poster campaign or any other promotion on the festival, please contact us.
You wish to support the festival or propose a partnership,contact us.

Contact Press

If your request does not concern information intended for the press, please use the contact form.

Journalists can contact:

  • Brigitte Weberman
  • +32(0)475.390.260